What Spring Projects are Worth Your Time and Money?

By May 12, 2017Home Maintenance

Spring is here. And there’s so much to do in the yard and around the house. But, what projects are worth your time and money?

It can feel incredibly difficult to know where to invest in your home. Which projects are the most important? Which ones will have the biggest impact?

These are some of the tried-and-true projects. Choose the ones that are best for you:


Give Your HVAC a Tune-Up

During the winter, your HVAC works incredibly hard to heat your home. But as spring turns into summer, it’ll need to work equally as hard to keep the heat out of your home. Now’s the time to give it a tune-up. Check the filters to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced. Inspect the hoses for any leaks or cracks. And, test the overall system function for efficiency.

Don’t feel you have the skills to do any or all of these HVAC tune-ups? Consider hiring a professional. An HVAC system that’s not operating properly could cost you a substantial sum when your electric bill arrives.


Prep the Lawn Mower

During the winter, you probably had little reason to use your lawn mower. Now that spring is here, the grass is growing like crazy! Time to bust that bad boy out. Change the oil. Refill the gas can and make sure it starts. (Then, you might want to get to cutting your grass.)


Paint Your Home

Nothing changes the look of something more quickly than a fresh coat of paint. But, you need good weather and a bit of money to paint the outside of your home. Time to start planning now. Determine what color you’d like to paint your house and start saving.


Clean the Carpets

Even if your home is shoe-free, it’s not uncommon for the carpet to become incredibly dirty during the winter. Don’t let that dirt multiply any further. Deep clean your carpets. Not only will this freshen up the space, it will help your carpets last longer.


Redo the Bathroom

During the winter, folks tend to be home and indoors. As the weather turns, are you and your family spending more time outside? This makes doing an indoor remodeling project much easier – like the bathroom. Consider updating the shower, replacing the floor, and adding new lights over the vanity. For a relatively small sum, you can see a huge return on your investment in both enjoyment and actual home value.

Need some help financing your projects? Give me a call, we can explore your best options together.

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